New Qira’at course starting soon

An advanced course of seven Qiraat by the way of Shatibiyyah. (For women only)
The course will include:

An in depth explanation of the Shatibiyyah poem

Explanation of the seven ways of recitation along with brief biographies of the Qurra.
Practice reciting with the 7 Qira’at


1-  Should have an advanced level of tajweed theory and application of the theory. (preferred if also studied the Jazaria).
2. Memorized at least 10 or more Ajzaa of the Quraan
3. Enrollment is limited to committed students only.

4. Preferred for students to memorize the poem of Shatibiyyah as we go through the explanation.

Date: Starting February 2013
Duration: 3 Years
Days: 2 hours per week. (Exact day and time will be set later)
Fee: Free of charge

For more information and registration please contact me at: ummumar3@gmail.com


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It was the practice of the pious predecessors to recite Quran before starting off their day in order to gain more blessings in their day. And if they had more to do then they would recite more Quran so that they can increase the blessings. 
SubhanAllah.. amazing insight. It makes sense why they got so much done in the day and why we on the other hand – even with our fast-everything lifestyle – fail to find time to do the things that are important to us.

The secret formula? Not extra time.


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